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About Us



The Philly Mobile Food Association (PMFA) is a network of mobile food vendors and colleagues across the Greater Philadelphia area that creates a communal voice for this important sector of business in the City of Brotherly Love. The PMFA gathers resources to support mobile vendors throughout the region and is helping to set and maintain the highest standards of operation in the industry.


It is our mission to create a more conducive atmosphere for growth and opportunity in the mobile food service business, not only for our members but the community as a whole.


It is the goal of the PMFA to transform Philly into the premiere city on the East Coast for mobile food vending. We strive to lead the industry by demonstrating that cooperation with local authorities in improving regulations will incubate an environment that allows small businesses to flourish while enhancing benefits to the community.



PMFA Member Benefits


Advocacy: The strength of our membership has allowed us to have open conversations with government officials; our communal voice has spurred changes in city regulations, which will create more vending opportunities throughout the city (i.e. using underutilized lot spaces, working with the city on making changes to the prohibited streets list, etc.).


Marketing: Our pooled efforts will magnify your social media voice, broaden your visibility and enhance the field of mobile vending in general.


Mentoring: Senior members, experienced in mobile vending, share information about how they have had to grown their business.Connections: Our experience will streamline your permits experience.


Opportunities: Our presence draws attention of Event Organizers looking for trucks. Members frequently get “first dibs” on events throughout the area.


Networking: Shared information and resources between members (i.e. staffing assistance, buying, selling or swapping equipment, collective purchasing, partnering for event opportunities, etc.).

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