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One of the best investments you can make when operating or starting a food truck is to join a food truck association. We represent you and other owners at the local and state level of government, provide member benefit programs and offer invaluable industry contacts, information,  and a knowledge base that can help you be more efficient and profitable in this very competitive industry.

STEP 1: Application
The PMFA reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant.  Application and payment are not a guarantee of membership.  Additionally, the association reserves the right to revoke (with prorated refund), the membership of any member, at its own discretion.  Association members are expected to positively represent the mobile food industry.  Association members are expected to work professionally with other vendors, government officials, and to support (and not in any way undermine or hamper), the overall mission and efforts of the association. Association full members are expected to have a valid health license from a governing authority.


Please complete and send application to

I HEREBY AGREE, to make every reasonable effort to positively represent the mobile food industry, including being in compliance with all state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations pertaining to mobile food vending and safe food handling practices. As a full member of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (PMFA), I understand that I must have a valid health license from a governing authority.  I understand and acknowledge that my membership in the PMFA can be denied, or terminated, at any time for failure to uphold these standards.

STEP 2: Payment
Annual Membership Dues: 
Once you have submitted your membership application form above, you can either mail in your payment or pay for your membership via the Square link below.


  • Check: Be sure to include your completed application with your check.   Make check payable to PMFA INC. ; Mail your check and application to​:                    Philly MFA, PO Box 29246,  Philadelphia, Pa 19125

  • Credit Card: Use the Square link below for Full or Prospective Membership.  


Membership Cancellation / Refund Policy:
The Association reserves the right to refuse / cancel a membership at anytime.  If the Association refuses a new or renewing membership, applicants will be offered a refund, prorated if necessary.

Membership cancellations received within 30-days of application may be eligible to receive a full refund.  
Cancellations will be accepted via phone, email, or letter.
All benefits and incentives received by member must be cancelled / returned to the Association.
All refund requests must be made by the credit card holder, and include the member # and/or transaction #.
Refunds will be mailed or credited back to the original credit card used for payment.
These above policies apply to all memberships unless otherwise noted.

STEP 3: Welcome to the PMFA
Once your application and payment have been received, you will receive an email from the association with welcome materials and further instruction on membership.


*If you are renewing your (FULL) membership: 
You can pay through the same Square link to become a full member, or send a check. Please be sure we have all of your up-to-date information


*If you are going from Prospective to Full membership:
Please contact us at

Levels of Membership



You have a licensed, operating food truck business.


As a Full Truck Member, your business gets increased public exposure on the PMFA website and inclusion on the opportunities email list. You will have a listing and membership profile feature page with links to your business’ contact information. Over 100 email contacts to potential vending opportunities are sent out to Full Members every year.   You also get access to the members-only portion of the PMFA website and connect with members in the PMFA Facebook Group.  


Please include a picture of your food truck with your application.           










You are in the process of opening a mobile business.


As a prospective member, you get the opportunity to meet other food truck owners and integrate yourself into the food truck community before you even open for business. You get access to the members-only portion of the PMFA website and connect with members in the PMFA Facebook Group.   











By signing up for a membership you are agreeing to the Philly Mobile Food Association Code of Conduct.