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Who We Are


The Philly Mobile Food Association (PMFA) is a network of mobile food vendors and colleagues across the Greater Philadelphia area that creates a communal voice for this important sector of business in the City of Brotherly Love. The PMFA gathers resources to support mobile vendors throughout the region and is helping to set and maintain the highest standards of operation in the industry.


It is our mission to create a more conducive atmosphere for growth and opportunity in the mobile food service business, not only for our members but the community as a whole.


It is the goal of the PMFA to transform Philly into the premiere city on the East Coast for mobile food vending. We strive to lead the industry by demonstrating that cooperation with local authorities in improving regulations will incubate an environment that allows small businesses to flourish while enhancing benefits to the community.


History: In November 2011, several PennJD/MBA students prepared and delivered a presentation about the mobile food industry. The presentation entitled, The Penn Law Food Truck Workshop, served to demonstrate the process and obstacles of initiating and sustaining a mobile food business in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Local mobile food entrepreneurs took part in the workshop by supplying real-life experience regarding the practical considerations of creating a mobile food business in Philadelphia. After the workshop, some of the attendees discussed the need for a mobile food association to advance the interests of mobile food entrepreneurs throughout the region. They began to organize meetings in January 2012 to discuss forming of an association under the name Philadelphia Mobile Food Association.


Structure: Our association begins with members. The PMFA is structured to be operated by, and grant the most benefit to, individuals and entities that currently operate mobile vending businesses, plan on starting a mobile food business or conduct a business that directly deals with aspects of all mobile businesses.


Full Members


Full members make up the core of the PMFA; owners of food trucks and other mobile units that currently vend in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, including some in New Jersey.

Board of Directors


Elected by membership they help to oversee the activities of the association, acts as liason with city officials and as spokesmen for the mobile vending community. They help coordinate activities of committees within the association and conceptualize events and happenings in the Philadelphia food truck community.

Prospective Members


Prospective members are those in the process of starting their own mobile business. For them, membership provides a way to start integrating into the network of mobile vendors in the region while benefitting from the pool of resources and learning oppotunities unavailable to non-members.

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